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List of Trophies and Cups associated with Sports

Dear Aspirant,
Our team at All Previous Papers have prepared the list of some of the important Trophies and Cups associated with Sports. These are very important from all competitive exams point of view.

Below is a list of important Trophies and Cups associated with Sports. This is a broad list which includes both National and International level games.  It has been observed that a question on this topic is almost sure to be asked in various Competitive Examinations such as UPSC, SSC, IBPS, SBI, Railways, LIC and various other Government, Banking and Insurance Exams.

In this article our team at All Previous Papers is giving the lists of all the Trophies and Cups associated with sports at National or International Level. This list will help you in various competitive examinations. Moreover you can also see other articles related to banking awareness by clicking here

The List of Trophies and Cups associated with sports are as follows.

We have seen in most of the exam one question is asked from Trophies and Cups related to Sports. So we have provided you Important Trophies
and Cups related to Sports List for upcoming exams like – RRB, IBPS , UPSC, SSC, IBPS, SBI, Railways, LIC and many more upcoming exams.

Agha Khan CupHockey
American CupYatch Racing
Amrit Diwan CupBadmiton
Ashes CupCricket
Asia CupCricket, Badmition
Augusta MastersGolf
Australian OpenLawn Tennis
Azlan CupHockey
Bama Belleck CupTable Tennis
Bandodkar TrophyFootball
Bcs TrophyFootball
B C  Raj TrophyFootball
Beighton CupHockey
Benson And HedgesCricket
Bledisloe CupRugby
Bombay Gold CupHockey
Borg-Warner TrophyMotorsports
British OpenGolf
Burdwan TrophyWeight Lifting
Calcutta CupRugby
Chaddha CupBadmition (Women)
Champions TrophyHockey
C K  Naidu TrophyCricket
Colombo CupFootball
Commissioner’S TrophyBaseball
Davis CupTennis
Confederation CupFootball
Dcm TrophyFootball
Deodar TrophyCricket
DerbyHorse Racing
Dhyanchand TrophyHockey
Dr  Bc Roy TrophyFootball
Duleep TrophyCricket
Durand CupFootball
European CupBadmition
European Champion Clubs’ CupFootball
Ezra CupPolo
Fifa World Cup TrophyFootball
French OpenLawn Tennis
Gavaskar Border TrophyCricket
Grey CupFootball
Gillette CupCricket
Harilela CupBadmition
Heineken CupLawn Tennis
Heisman TrophyFootball
Hopman CupLawn Tennis
Ibrahim Rahimatollah Challenger CupBadmition
Ifa ShieldFootball
Irani TrophyCricket
Jawharlal Nehru CupCricket
Jules Rimet TrophyFootball
Kalinga CupFootball
Kings CupAir Races
Kitiakara CupBadmition
Konica CupBadmition
Lady Ratan Tata TrophyHockey
Larry O’Brien Championship TrophyBasketball
League Championship TrophyFootball
Liners OpenGolf
Malaysian OpenBadminton
Mann CupLacrosse
Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold CupHockey
Mcclelland TrophyFootball
Meredka CupFootball
Mls CupSoccer
Moinuddaula Gold CupCricket
Murugappa Gold CupHockey
Nehru TrophyHockey
Old Oaken BucketFootball Intercollege
Premier League TrophyFootball
Prince Of Wales CupGolf
Radha Mohan CupPolo
Ranaji TrophyCricket
Rani Jhansi TrophyCricket
Rangeshwari CupHockey
Rovers CupFootball
Rothmans CupCricket
Santosh TrophyFootball
Sahara CupCricket
Sharjah CupCricket
Scissor CupFootball
Scindia Gold CupHockey
Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee TrophyFootball
Singer CupCricket
Stanley CupHockey
Subrato Mukherjee CupFootball
Swaythling CupTable Tennis
Tata OpenLawn Tennis
The Scottish CupFootball
Thomas CupBadminton
Titan CupCricket
Todd Memorial TrophyFootball
Travancore CupTable Tennis (Women)
U  Thant CupTennis
Uber CupBadminton (Women)
Uefa Champions LeagueFootball
Us MatersGolf
Us OpenLawn Tennis
Vijay Hazare TrophyCricket
Vijay Merchant TrophyCricket
Vince Lombardi TrophySuper Bowl
Vittal TrophyFootball
Walker CupGolf
Webb Ellis CupRugby
Wellington TrophyRowing
Wellington CupHorse Racing
West Chester CupPolo
Wills TrophyCricket
Wisden TrophyCricket
World CupHockey, Football, Cricket
All India Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold CupHockey
Ashutosh TrophyFootball
Bangalore Blues Challenge CupBasketball
Barna-Bellack CupTable Tennis (Men)
Begum Hazrat Mahal TrophyFootball
Mumbai Gold CupHockey
Chadda CupBadminton (National Women’S Team Championship)
Chakola Gold TrophyFootball, Hockey
Coach Bihar TrophyCricket
Dhyan Chand TrophyHockey
Dr Rajindra Prasad CupTennis
Ezar CupPolo
Fa CupFootball
Gv Raja Memorial TrophyFootball
Gurmit TrophyHockey
Hiralal CupBadminton
Irani CupCricket
Jaswant  Singh TrophyBest Service In Sportsman
Jawaharlal Nehru CupHockey
Jayalakshmi CupTable Tennis (National Women Championship)
Kuppuswamy Naiduu TrophyHockey
Maulana Azad TrophyInter-University Sports And Athletics
Mcc TrophyHockey
Mis Lqbal Hussain TrophyFootball
Moin-Ud-Dowlah Gold CupCricket
Nagjee TrophyFootball
Nanak ChampionshipHockey (Women)
Nizam Gold CupFootball
Obaidullah Gold CupHockey
Olympian Challanger CupBadminton (National Women’S Single)
Prithi Singh CupPolo
Raghbir Singh Memorial CupFootball
Rajkumari Challenge CupTable Tennis (Junior Girls)
Ramanujan TrophyTable Tennis (Junior Girls)
Ramnivas Ruia Challenge Gold TrophyBridge
Rangaswami CupHockey (National Championship)
Ranii TrophyCricket (National Championship)
Rene Frank TrophyHockey
Rohinton Baria TrophyCricket ‘Inter-University’
Saniay Gold CupFootball
Settu CupHockey
Shani TrophyHockey
Sheesh Mahal TrophyCricket
Sir Krishna Gold CupFootball
Stafford CupFootball
Subroto Mukerji CupFootball
Surjeet Singh CupHockey
Tommy Emar Gold CupHockey (Women)
Viiay Merchant TrophyCricket
Vikas Topiwala Challenge CupBadminton (National Women’S Single)
Vinod Mankand TrophyCricket
Vizzy TrophyCricket
Wills CupCricket
Winchester CupPolo
Yadavindra CupHockey
Yonex CupBadminton
Deodhar TrophyCricket
Gd Birla TrophyCricket
Icc World CupCricket
Ranji TrophyCricket
Barcia TrophyCricket
Sultan Azlan Shah CupHockey
Aga Khan CupHockey
Sindhia Gold CupHockey
Wellington CupHockey
Merdeka CupFootball
Bc Raj Trophy (National Championship)Football
Fifa World CupFootball
Subroto CupFootball
Amrit Diwan CupBadminton
Asia CupBadminton
Chaddha CupBadminton
European CupBadminton
Harilela CupBadminton
Ibrahim Rahimatillah Challenger CupBadminton
Konica CupBadminton
Sophia CupBadminton
Kitiakara CupBadminton
Thomas Cup (Men)Badminton
Uber Cup (Women)Badminton
Travancore Cup (Women)Table Tennis
Swathling Cup (Men)Table Tennis
Davis CupLawn Tennis 
Australian OpenLawn Tennis 
French OpenLawn Tennis 
WimbledonLawn Tennis 
Us OpenLawn Tennis 
Heineken CupLawn Tennis 
American Cup   Yacht Racing
Ashes  Cricket
Benson And Hedges  Cricket
Canada Cup  Golf
Colombo Cup  Football
Corbitton Cup  Table Tennis (Women)
Davis Cup  Lawn Tennis
Derby  Horse Race
Grand National  Horse Streple Chase Race
Jules Rimet Trophy  World Soccer Cup
King’S Cup  Air Races
Merdeka Cup  Football
Ryder Cup  Golf
Swaythling Cup  Table Tennis (Men)
Thomas Cup  Badminton
U Thant Cup  Tennis
Uber Cup  Badminton (Women)
Walker Cup  Golf
Westchester Cup  Polo
Wightman Cup  Lawn Tennis
Cricket World Cup  Cricket
 Hockey World Cup  Hockey
Reliance Cup  Cricket
Rothman’S Trophy  Cricket
William’S Cup  Basketball
European Champions Cup  Football
Eisenhower Cup  Golf
Essande Champions Cup  Hockey
Edgbaston Cup  Lawn Tennis
Grand Prix  Lawn Tennis
Weight Lifting World Cup  Weight-Lifting
Agarwal Cup  Badminton
Agha Khan Cup  Hockey
All-India Women’S Guru Nanak Championship  Hockey
Bandodkar Trophy  Football
Bangalore Blues Challenge Cup  Basketball
Barna-Bellack Cup  Table Tennis
Beighton Cup  Hockey
Bombay Gold Cup  Hockey
Burdwan Trophy  Weight-Lifting
Charminar Trophy  Athletics
Chadha Cup  Badminton
C K Naydu Trophy  Cricket
Chakoia Gold Trophy  Football
Divan Cup  Badminton
Deodhar Trophy  Cricket
Duleep Trophy  Cricket
D C M Cup  Football
Durand Cup  Football
Dhyan Chand Trophy  Hockey
Dr B C Roy Trophy  Football (Junior)
Ezra Cup  Polo
F A Cup  Football
G D Birla Trophy  Cricket
Ghulam Ahmed Trophy  Cricket
Gurmeet Trophy  Hockey
Gura Nanak Cup  Hockey
Gyanuati Devi Trophy  Hockey
Holkar Trophy  Bridge
Lrani Trophy  Cricket
I F A Shield  Football
Lndira Gold Cup  Hockey
Jawaharlal Challenge  Air Racing
Jaswant Singh Trophy  Best Services Sportsman
Kuppuswamy Naidu Trophy  Hockey
Lady Rattan Tata Trophy  Hockey
Mcc Trophy  Hockey
Moinuddaula Gold Cup  Cricket
Murugappa Gold Cup  Hockey
Modi Gold Cup  Hockey
Narang Cup  Badminton
Nehru Trophy  Hockey
Nixan Gold Cup  Football
Obaid Ullah Gold Cup  Hockey
Prithi Singh Cup  Polo
Rani Jhansi Trophy  Cricket
Ranjit Trophy  Cricket
Rangaswami Cup  Hockey
Ranjit Singh Gold Cup  Hockey
Rajendra Prasad Cup  Tennis
Ramanujan Trophy  Table Tennis
Rene Frank Trophy  Hockey
Radha Mohan Cup  Polo
Raghbir Singh Memorial  Football
Rohinton Baria Trophy  Cricket
Rovers Cup  Football
Sanjay Gold Cup  Football
Santosh Trophy  Football
Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee  Football
Subroto Cup  Football
Scindia Gold Cup  Hockey
Sahni Trophy  Hockey
Sheesh Mahal Trophy  Cricket
Todd Memorial Trophy  Football
Tommy Eman Gold Cup  Hockey
Vittal Trophy  Football
Vizzy Trophy  Cricket
Vijay Merchant Trophy  Cricket
Wellington Trophy  Rowing
Wills Trophy  Cricket

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